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Finalist 2008

Lyle Owerko



The image is of a young Kenyan girl named Nai. I found her while on a fact-seeking mission with an NGO investigating a lack of good water supplies.


Lyle Owerko is a photographer and filmmaker with a diverse roster of clients that include major brands, corporations, and human rights groups. Known for their keen perception and knowledge of urban movements, his instinctually crafted visual images have found an indelible place in the lexicon of both pop culture and journalism.

Recognized for his high-resolution documentation of Sept 11th (featured on the iconic 9/11 cover of TIME Magazine), his in-depth survey of the history and impact of Boomboxes on popular culture, his seminal portraits of distinct cultures residing in Africa and Mongolia. He’s seen and experienced disruption both on the global frontier and on the global stage.

Turning a page into a new era with his work, his current projects bridge the borders of both sculpture, photography, and technique in a manner that documents the basic human inclination to elevate the universal condition. A recipient of numerous awards, editorial, and television profiles, his work is collected and exhibited around the world. Lyle was raised in Calgary, Canada, studied at The Pratt Institute in New York and currently resides in Los Angeles.