Work Grants

From 2006 to 2019, Médicos del Mundo awarded the winner of each edition of the Luis Valtueña Award a grant of 6,000 euros, for the creation of a photographic project around some of the organization’s fields of work. Here you can see some reportages made.



Carlos de Andrés


The Last Colony

Andrew McConnell

Minatu Lanabas Suidat, 25, journalist, pictured in Tifariti, in Polisario controlled Western Sahara (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic). I was born in El Aaiún refugee camp in 1984. I thought when I was a little girl that it was the nicest place in the world because I don't know anything other than the camps. My childhood was very nice. We played all night, we never had anything to fear, even the darkness. When I was ten I went to Spain with the Vacations in Peace program, that is when I began to realise we were refugees but I didn't stop liking home. I think wherever I go I will always like this place, we are altogether here, we share everything. When I was twelve I went with other girls from the camps to study in Algeria. We spent nine months a year in school and we experienced everything together including the separation from our families. I learned how to make friends, how to appreciate friendship and how to depend on myself. After that I went to university to study English literature. In total I spent eleven years studying in Algeria. I returned to the camps last year and at first it was a little difficult but then I became part of the Saharawi society again. I have worked as a journalist since December [2008] and I have learned a lot of things about my issue. Now I have a lot of chances to fight for my issue through writing and talking about the situation. I think the world has betrayed the Polisario. The Polisario wanted peace and had faith in the process and they gave a lot for the chance to create peace but I think the world didn't appreciate that, especially the UN and Morocco. The people are ready to sacrifice themselves for independence. The ceasefire had advantages in that the Polisario had the chance to organise everything in the camps and now the people are educated and we understand democracy but the negative is we are still here, without land, and relying on international aid. I hope the Saharawi will have the chance for a referendum to decide their future, that's all. I hope the chance comes through peace.