Luis Valtueña

The Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award, founded in 1997 and organized every year by Médicos del Mundo Spain, is dedicated to the memory of Flors, Luis, Manuel, and Mercedes, four of the organization’s aid workers who were killed in Rwanda and Bosnia and Herzegovina while they provided humanitarian aid.

Call for entries 2023 open

27th Luis Valtueña International Award

You can register your photographic series from 26 July to 20 October 2023.

Winner and finalists
edition 2022

In the call for the 24th edition, 733 series, 6,531 photographs in total, were received from 94 countries on all five continents.

Winner edition 2022

María Clauss

Where oblivion may not dwell


The lifeless bodies of more than a dozen people lying on the road and sidewalk of Yablunska Street in Bucha, April 2, 2022. Some of them were handcuffed, others had white armbands and most of them were apparently shot dead.

Finalist 2022

Santi Palacios

The Bucha massacre


{L} If we were to compare a man and an elephant, a man feels powerless in front of an elephant, for him HIV is that elephant that has covered his sun, it doesn’t let the sun come to him, it can trample him every second, he depends on him… When the first stage was over, I saw the elephant and began to examine its leg, then its tail, then its head, then the picture became complete, it started to shrink. I already understood what I was dealing with. I realized that the myths the TV, the Internet or that booklets, posters with scary images fed me with… I realized that in reality all that is a myth, there is no such scary picture that maybe used to be thirty years ago when there was no medicine. When that elephant started to get smaller and smaller, I could control it as I wanted.

Finalist 2022

Nazik Armenakyan

Red Black White


Luis Miguel Arias, 27, a Venezuelan, rests exhausted with his 4-year-old daughter Melissa Arias during the second day of hiking across the Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama. The jungle crossing can take 10 to 12 days. September 2022.

Finalist 2022

Federico Ríos

Migrants crossing the Darien Gap


MEXICO CITY (MEXICO), 07/08/2021.- Sandra Monrroy, 36, 3 days after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. Her friend Gina Ramirez (l) and her mother Teresa Mandrujano (r) accompany her as she removes the bandage that was placed on her breast.

Special mention of the jury 2022

Sáshenka Gutiérrez

Screw You Cancer


edition 2022

Walter Astrada

Freelance photojournalist

Rodrigo Abd

Staff photographer for The Associated Press

Lurdes R. Basolí

Documentary photographer and editor

Carole Alfarah

Visual storyteller and multimedia editor

Emilio Morenatti

Spain and Portugal Chief Photographer for The Associated Press

Francisco Carrasco Garzón

Executive Director of Médicos del Mundo