The Luis Valtueña Award is exhibited at the Semana Negra in Gijón

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The exhibition of the 26th International Humanitarian Photography Award held by Médicos del Mundo, has been inaugurated in the Jovellanos Public Library, within the framework of the XXXVII edition of the Black Week of Gijón.  

The exhibition opened its doors on Saturday 6 July with an opening ceremony with the participation of Beatriz Coto, Director General of the Asturian Agency for Development Cooperation; Pepe Fernández, President of Médicos del Mundo and María Clauss, photographer and winner of the edition on display.  

The work of María Clauss, the first woman to win the competition with her series Donde no habite el olvido (Where oblivion does not inhabit), brings us closer to the stories of women and men who today are still unable to bury their relatives who were repressed after the Spanish Civil War, through a series of portraits and interviews of remarkable delicacy and empathy.  

Also on view are the series by the finalists: Santi Palacios, Nazik Armenakyan and Federico Ríos, and a photograph, special mention by the jury, by the Mexican photojournalist Sáshenka Gutiérrez. The five works reflect the different trends in photojournalism today, such as the crimes perpetrated in the Bucha massacre, the journey of people crossing the Darien Gap, the stigmatisation of women contracting HIV in Armenia or the story of a breast cancer survivor, respectively.  

During the opening event, Pepe Fernández, president of Médicos del Mundo stressed that “the audience of the Black Week is the one we aspire to reach as an organisation”, due to the shared focus of both entities on human rights.  

In addition, continuing with the activities proposed as part of this important cultural event in Asturias, on the evening of Sunday 6 July, a round table discussion entitled “When memory makes history” was organised, with the participation of María Clauss, photographer and Pepe Fernández, president of Médicos del Mundo and the journalist Patricia Simón.  

This is the first time that the Luis Valtueña Award is part of the Semana Negra programme and its audiovisual evenings, during which the multi-award-winning short documentary by María Clauss was screened, with video interviews with the people portrayed in her exhibition of the same name.  

The exhibition can be visited until 30 July at the Jovellanos Library. 

In detail:  


Jovellanos Public Library  

C/Jovellanos, 23 centre  

33206 Gijón, Asturias  


From 6 to 30 June 2024  

Opening times:  

Monday to Friday from 9 to 21h  

Saturdays from 10 to 14h and from 16 to 20h  

Sundays from 10am to 2pm