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Covid Photo Diaries is a project created by eight prominent Spanish photojournalists who document, in different parts of the country and on a daily basis, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

What is life in confinement like? What is this new daily life made of? How do we deal with the epidemic? We discover this through the photographs of Manu Brabo, Olmo Calvo, José Colón, Javier Fergo, Susana Girón, Isabel Permuy, Judith Prat and Anna Surinyach.  

The initiative begins with an account on Instagram where, since March 17, 2020, images captured in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, in their cities, or wherever there is a story to be told are published every day. They are accompanied by short texts in which their own authors or contributing editors give context, add their own sensations, and expand the descriptions of places, people, and events.  

Due to movement restrictions -after the state of alarm decreed on March 14-, the collective begins to photograph their closest surroundings, where each one lives: in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Gijón, Jerez de la Frontera, and Seville. Little by little, with the help of NGOs and other organizations, they are expanding their scope and extending their coverage in the territory.   

"This project was born with the aim of being an interactive map of one of the most important events we have experienced in recent decades. In addition to the unquestionable relevance of documenting the day-to-day running of this health alert and its consequences for the population, there is the enormous value that this visual, plural and extensive testimony will have when everything is over. It will be the memory of what happened to us these days", say the photojournalists.   

Covid Photo Diaries is a collective and courageous response to the challenge of documenting a stage that is changing our lives. That is why we at Médicos del Mundo decided to support it. It is a new creative proposal to explore, inform, and face the current crisis together, and also, a way to support each other.

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