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Special Award for Climate Change and its effects on Human Health 2008

Orlando Barría Maichil

Confronting the hurricane


The powerful hurricane Dean, which reached a maximum category 5, changed course as it approached Dominican territory, which avoided a bigger tragedy, even though rain continued to fall for many days throughout the country. The passage of tropical storms DEAN, NOEL and OLGA over Dominican territory left a total of 126 people dead and
more than 150,000 people injured.


Orlando Barría Maichil (Chile, 1968) has worked in various Chilean and Dominican media and, since 2003, became a photojournalist for EFE Agency in the Dominican Republic. As such, he has covered various natural disasters in the Caribbean, such as the disasters caused by hurricanes Gustav (Haiti, 2008), Dean, Noel, and Olga (the Dominican Republic, 2007) or Jeanne (Haiti, 2004), as well as political and sporting events held in the area.