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Running-up 2007

Susana Vera Pascual

Preparing to leave. Series Mali, Cradle of immigrants


Life expectancy at birth in Mali is 48 years, but many of them will never reach that age. Malian Diaspora is estimated to be around 3 million people, almost a quarter of its population. The Sub-Saharan immigration drama represents for many Spaniards a collage of bloated corpses, exhausted people packed like sardines in boats, startled bathers, and overcrowded detention centers.

We know a lot about the dangerous journey but very little about the motivation of these people who work in our fields, clean our cities or lie in anonymous tombs in our graveyards. What makes them attempt this journey, which for many of them has no return?


Susana Vera Pascual (Pamplona, 1974) works for the British agency Reuters in Madrid. She studied Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra and decided to do her final year at the University of Missouri (Columbia). After six years in different American media, she decided to return to Spain in 2003. He has won the Godó Award, the Objetivo Abierto Award, La Pepa 1812 and several iPOY (Pictures of The Year).