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Running-up 2007

Roberta Valerio



Daspu, Das Putas (The Whores), is the name of a new clothing brand created in Brazil by the prostitutes of Tiradentes Square in downtown Rio. The brand name is a caricature of Daslu, a chain of clothing shops, but unlike this fashion house for the elite, Daspu is a creation of Davida, an association of prostitutes fighting for the recognition of their rights.

The project allows them to earn some money by modeling and participating in the creation of the collections, thus presenting a new image of prostitutes. Maria, Jani, and Vau are the most used models and are convinced that fashion can help to change the clichés and stigmas of prostitution.


Born in Italy, she has lived in France since 1998. As a photojournalist and portraitist, she works for the press, producing reports on society, travel, and lifestyle society, travel, lifestyle (Air France Madame, 6 mois, Traveller, le Parisien Weekend, le Monde, DLui Repubblica, Icon Design, Elle, Marie Claire,...).

At the same time, she pursues personal work focused on the questioning of contemporary society.