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Running-up 2007

Paolo Pellegrin

Sudan today


A woman abused by her ex-husband and now paralyzed, in the IDP camp in Ardamata, Darfur, Sudan. The picture was taken during my last trip to Sudan and Chad in August 2007.

Getting a government visa to enter Sudan is still very difficult. The people I visited who were displaced from their land are now sheltered in camps without any security. They live in difficult conditions, are malnourished, and in severe poverty. The World Food Programme and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation give them all possible support, but the political situation in Sudan and Chad is far from changing. We have to do something to stop their suffering and ensure a decent life for them.


Paolo Pellegrin was born in 1964 in Rome. He became a Magnum Photos nominee in 2001 and a full member in 2005. He is a contract photographer for Newsweek magazine.

Pellegrin is winner of many awards, including eight World Press Photo and numerous Photographer of the Year Awards, a Leica Medal of Excellence, an Olivier Rebbot Award, the Hansel-Meith Preis, and the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award. In 2006 he was assigned the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography.

He is one of the founding members of the touring exhibition and installation Off Broadway along with Thomas Dworzak, Alex Majoli and Ilkka Uimonen. He has published four books. He lives in New York and Rome.