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Special Award for Immigration and Human Rights in Europe 2007

Katy Gómez López

Misery in poverty


There is no need to go to Africa to find shame and social exclusion. Next door to our comfortable lives, men, women and children as illegal immigrants, try to escape from their harsh daily reality. Our society, expected to be idyllic, reproduces instead the misery they have tried to escape from.

In the Cazorla Mountains, Segura and Las Villas in Jaén, Spain, at the beginning of the olive harvest several families are evicted from a ruined house occupied by them as a shelter. This location is a few kilometers away from luxurious hotels. The images reflect those of poor countries where only a few kilometers separate their situation from luxurious hotels. Misery is even more cruel and decrepit when poverty and social exclusion share the same bed.


Katy Gómez López (Úbeda, Jaén, 1963). Veterinarian doctor, worked as Health Inspector.She belongs to the Photographic Association of Úbeda. Portraits, documentary and travel photography are the main goal of her photographic vision. Her dream is “to catch the soul of the reality”. She won the 1st prize in a contest organized by the San Juan de la Cruz Hospital of Úbeda, in 2004. Between 2001 and 2007 she won several local and national prizes in contests organized by the city of Úbeda, the Faculty of Veterinary medicine of Zaragoza and the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital of Granada.