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Winner edition 2002

Enrique Pimoulier

Lost innocence


They are children and youngsters bonded by the same dramatic fate. The majority don’t even know how to explain the reason behind their situation; they shrug their shoulders when somebody asks them and some, without knowing why, laugh. They are children and youngsters from Mauritania committed to a jail, far from their families and indifferent to the Convention on Child Rights that their own country signed in 1990.

To go beyond the walls of these places of internment is not an easy thing to do. The authorities do not hesitate in justify themselves by euphemistically calling these places rehabilitation centres or preventive attention centres of for minors.

In this daily process of shouting, beating and abuse, with shortage of drinking water and lack of minimal sanitation, children will experience a regressive change in their lifestyle, something that will prevent them later from adapting to a reality with freedom and that will lead, in many cases, to their return to jail.


He has been working as a professional photographer for more than 35 years, specializing in advertising photography and image book publishing. His great love of traveling has led him to make human interest reports for different NGOs such as Mundu Bat, Tierra de Hombres, Juan Bonal, which has taken him to countries such as India, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico, Vietnam, Romania, Mauritania, Morocco, Kenya, Mozambique, among others. These reports have been published in different national media such as El País, El Mundo, El Periódico de Cataluña, Diario de Navarra, Deia, Ediciones Júcar, GEO España, Viajar, Ronda Iberia, Editorial Santillana, Editorial El Viso, Ediciones Vicens Vives. In 1998 and 2002 he was awarded the Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Prize and his photographs have been exhibited in cities such as Pamplona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Burgos, Valencia, and Argentina. He was selected to participate in PhotoEspaña and the exhibition "Imágenes para la dignidad" allowed him to work with 38 international photographers, among them Sebastiao Salgado.