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Finalist 2009

Giovanni Marrozzini

Lady Vjollca


Vjollca Plaku, 65 years old. There are no documents showing where she was born. Vjollca was born deaf and dumb. Because of her condition she was admitted at the age of 19 to the Sadik Dinci psychiatric hospital in Elbasan, where she still lives. During the communist regime, the city of Elbasan grew around a large metallurgical complex and the largest psychiatric hospital in Albania. Sadik Dinci currently houses about 280 patients, in a male wing and a female wing.


Giovanni Marrozzini (Fermo, Italy, 1971). As a freelance photographer, he has produced reportages in Africa (Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia) on behalf of several volunteers associations. His job continues in Argentina, with a photographic project on poor regions in the country. He also carried on a project to examine the Italian immigration phenomena in South America.

In 2006 Marrozzini publishes a reportage on the conditions of women in Wolayta (Ethiopia) facing the thorny issue of female genital mutilation. From this work, the book Eve is published by Damiani Editore. In the same year, he receives the Best Author prize of the Epson Portfolio Italia for Hotel Argentina. In 2007, he wins the first prize in the Orvieto Professional Photography Award.