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Running-up 2005

Javier Arcenillas

Kingdom Charity


I was able to live sweet moments without looking out my little window on the world, it wasn’t so difficult: working as a volunteer in a nursing home in Calcutta, caring for the sick was fun and strange. I spent the day grooming them, listening to them and even giving them readings that of course they neither understood nor cared about: it was the simple tone of a close voice and the touch of human warmth that brought us closer. And it was magnificent.

But not everything was magical. I also knew tragic moments without my camera. Together with her everything made more sense. His name was Sabba, or so I called him, I never really knew his name because even he didn’t know it. When he passed away, after a few moments, the touch of his hands became cold and the place turned grey. I don’t remember crying, but as a photographer I have never had such a feeling of helplessness and loneliness. It is an unjust death. I photographed his corpse, just once, promising myself I would never do it again. I took the Leica out of my pocket, noting that I had little light, and fired.


Humanist. Freelance photographer, member of Gea Photowords. He develops humanitarian essays where the main characters are integrated in societies that borders and sets upon any reason or (human) right in a world that becomes increasingly more and more indifferent.

He is a psychologist at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has won several international prizes, including The Arts Press Award, Kodak Young Photographer, European Social Fund Grant, Euro Press of Fujifilm, INJUVE, Foto Press Third Prize, Luis Valtueña of Médicos del Mundo, Journalism Doñana´s prize, Luis Ksado, Make History, UNICEF, World Photography of the Year, Fotoevidence, Finalist of the Leica Prize 2009 and Antropography 2010.

In recent years he has fulfilled photographic essays about Latin America outstanding "Territories"; in Jamaica he realized "Marihuana Traffic"; "Gladiators" from the Olympic School of Boxing in Havana and "Weapon Social Club" and love to arms in the USA society.

For his work with Médicos del Mundo about the Rubbish Cities in Central America, he has been a finalist for the Ojo de Pez Prize and his book "City Hope" summarizes his five years working on it. He has published in magazines a society portrait book "REVOLUZION" in which he sums up his daily activity alongside a photographic essay about charity in India titled "Kingdom Charity".

He is a regular photographer for Fronterad, (Global Group) and in Alcobendas´ Town Hall. His reports abroad can be found in some outstanding publications such as Time, Der Spiegel, Stern, Guatemala´s newspaper, or Miami Herald Magazine. Recently he has published "WELCOME" a book about the camp of refugees in Myanmar´s Rohingya in Kutupalong, aided Médicos sin Fronteras and worked on an article about shipbreakers in Asia, "ShipBreakers". Since the end of 2010 he´s been working on "SICARIOS". A violence and death story in Latin America shown in Photo España 2011.

Currently he is carrying out new ideas in parallel with traditional journalism to spread his projects and he is making up Audiovisual Projects with diplomatic work.