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Running-up 1998

Matías Costa

The present weapon


The Kalashnikov assault rifle has been the protagonist of much of the horrors of the last 25 years. Rwanda was no exception.

In the picture, a boy plays soccer in front of the ban on carrying weapons displayed on an international cooperation armored vehicle. June 1998.


Matías Costa (Buenos Aires, 1973) is a journalist and photographer. Co-founder of the NOPHOTO collective and member of PANOS Pictures, he carries out long-term projects. In them, he reflects, through images, texts, and archival material, on territory, memory, and chance.

He has received awards such as the World Press Photo or the first Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña. He is a regular contributor to media such as El País Semanal, The New York Times, or La Repubblica and his work is part of national and international collections such as the Ministry of Culture, the CA2M, or the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.