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Running-up 1998

Javier Teniente

El Sabah Hospital


The photo was taken in March 1997 at the hospital for tuberculosis patients in El Sabah in Mauritania.

There is no electricity, no running water, not even medical care. Only a young doctor dares to visit the sick in this place, which was once a large hospital. It used to be financed by Kuwait, but after the withdrawal of Mauritania’s support during the Gulf War, the financial contributions ended and the center has been dying without resources, as have the patients who come here.


Javier Teniente (Vigo, 1968) has covered conflicts caused by war, marginalization, and natural disasters in different parts of the world, including reports from Central America (Hurricane Mitch 1998), Kosovo (1999), Iraq (2003), Haiti (2004), and coverage of the Tsunami disaster in Banda Aceh, Indonesia (January 2005).

Over the years he has collaborated as a photographer with the United Nations, Doctors of the World, Doctors without Borders, Action against Hunger, and other international organizations.