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Running-up 1998

David Sánchez Giménez

Street children. Capoeira and children at the bus stop


12 a.m. Child in the foreground practising capoeira, a martial art – a dance typical of Brazil and originating in Africa. In the background a group of children on a bus stop. . They all live in the street, under the Santa Efigenia bridge, in the centre of São Paulo (Brazil). Addicted to queue

They share a place with a group of between ten and twenty children, depending on the day and the police raids. The group’s ages range from 7 to 15 years old and individuals of both sexes live together. The group’s activities are centered on raising enough money to pay for the drug and to rest from its effects. Only for a few brief moments a day do some playful activities adorn the routine lives of the street children,