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Running-up 1998

Cristian Baitg Schreiweis

Unit for premature infants at Polizu Hospital in Bucharest, Romania


The picture was taken in December 1997 at the Polizu Hospital in Bucharest. One of the nurses is seen attending to one of the premature infants. The rapid impoverishment of a large part of the Romanian population due to its transition to a capitalist society has greatly affected the eating habits of Romanians and this has led to an increase in the number of premature births.


He is a photographer/film director located in Barcelona (Spain) where he shoots creative images and videos for the editorial and commercial market. More than 25.000 images and 5000 videos are available to license through different image and video agencies.

He has a degree in Journalism from the University Autonoma of Barcelona. He worked many years as a freelance photographer doing photojournalism stories.

After that period, he started to work as a location scout for the film and advertising industry for a decade. He moved out of Barcelona and opened his studio and began producing more work for image banks at first and later also filming and editing aerial footage.

Nowadays, he contributes to creative stock agencies while he is preparing his second fiction short film.