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Running-up 1998

Ángel López Soto

Refugee reception centre in Kathmandu, Nepal



Ángel López Soto is a documentary photographer. He focuses on current affairs and social denunciation. He collaborates with national and international media.

Some of his projects and reports have been carried out in collaboration with UNICEF, Red Cross, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID), UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), Ayuda en Acción, Action Aid, Fundación Amigó, and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, among others.

Ángel López Soto has been the founder of Gea Photowords (an association of photographers, journalists, filmmakers, and writers linked to everything that affects the environment, human rights, and the diversity of our world in all its forms and aspects) together with the photographer Alfons Rodríguez and the journalist Juan Carlos de la Cal.

Selected among several photographers from around the world by the Gamma agency in Paris to photograph the Alhambra in Granada as part of the 'Heritage 2001' project on UNESCO's World Heritage.