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Running-up 1997

Tomás Abella

Médicos del Mundo programme to combat tuberculosis in Iquitos (Peru) / Vaccination program in the Andean highlands by an NGO / MdM intervention against cholera in Peru



The Festival International du Photojournalisme Visa pour l'Image - Perpignan (France) is screening Tourisme de masse à Barcelone. An audiovisual piece made with the photographs from his project on mass tourism: Barcelona: Mass Tourism.

2014 (Ongoing project)
Starts the photojournalistic project on mass tourism in Barcelona: Barcelona: Mass Tourism.

Returns to the state of Chiapas (Mexico) to continue his work in the Mam communities that live on the slopes of the Tacaná volcano, growing organic, high altitude, and shade-grown coffee. This report reflects the efforts and commitment of these small coffee producers to ecological, viable, and socially just agriculture.

He starts as an independent publisher and publishes his book KA'KAW | Un cacao de leyenda - Cacao Real de Soconusco. A first print run of 2,000 copies is sold in the Choco-Story Chocolate Museums (Paris, Prague, and Brugge).

2009 - Ongoing project
A project begins in Chiapas (Mexico) with Mayan peasant organizations fighting against the impoverishment and emigration caused by deforestation, the use of agrochemicals, and the spread of monocultures in the region. A first report focuses on the recovery of the ancestral cultivation of cocoa, an agroecological practice that protects tropical rainforests, biodiversity and facilitates sustainable trade.

2008 - 2013
Develops and presents his work to raise awareness of the problem of water and its relationship with women in sub-Saharan Africa, the result of various reports in Ethiopia, Chad, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania.

Invited Professor lX Extraordinary Course: Uses and Meanings of the Image. University of Salamanca.

2006 - 2009
Visiting Professor Photography Workshops. Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.

2005 - 2006
Prepares the guidelines for the edition and digitization of Intermón Oxfam's photographic collection.

Invited Professor IV Seminar on Photography and Journalism. Santa María de Albarracín Foundation (Teruel, Spain). Presentation of his work and screening of EXIT.

The Festival International du Photojournalism Visa pour l'Image - Perpignan (France) screens L'EXIL, an audiovisual piece made with photographs of his photojournalistic project on immigration in Spain: EXIT.

Addresses the problem of the use of pesticides in the coffee plantations of Jinotega (Nicaragua) and its serious consequences on the population.

Audiovisual projection of his work on immigration in Spain at the IV International Meeting of Photojournalism "Ciudad de Gijón" - Semana Negra".

2000 - 2004
Undertakes a photographic project on Immigration in Spain which concludes in 2004 with the publication of the book and the photographic exhibition EXIT.

Since 1996 he has been documenting for Intermón Oxfam various Cooperation and Development Programmes in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Some of his photographs are the subject of TV advertising campaigns.

1992 - 2002
Produces an essay entitled Los Hijos del Sol (Children of the Sun), which demonstrates the firm will to resist the Quechua and Aymara peoples in Bolivia and Peru, shown in the documentary series Fotògrafs de Televisió de Catalunya.

Covers the devastating Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua for the COVER Agency.

Documents the outbreak of the cholera epidemic in Peru for Médecins Sans Frontières.

1987 - 1991
Documents the collapse of the Sandinista revolution, the decline of the Salvadoran guerrillas, and the tragedy of Guatemalan, Salvadoran and Nicaraguan refugees.

Graphic editor of the supplement La Ciutat i el '92 - Cultural Olympiad Barcelona 1992.