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Running-up 1997

Arturo López Illana

I come from work / Let’s go to school



As a traveller, he began his first travels in the early 80s and very soon he made the leap to Asia, and Nepal was his first great journey, the one that really marked him. Until then, photography was not something that had particularly caught his attention. But one day he began to feel an interest in capturing environments and customs that moved and dazzled him.

From then on, he has not stopped travelling. Photography plays an increasingly important role in his travels, but also the desire to ensure that the images captured allow him to continue travelling, even if he is back home. In the spirit of giving form to this idea, his photos are a sample of the way he sees and understands other cultures, his persistence.

Today he can't say whether he feels more like a photographer or a traveller, but he confesses that he wouldn't know how to travel without his camera.

Since the mid-1990s photography has been a very important part of his life and I would like to believe that he is beginning to appreciate a style of his own or simply a wish fulfilled: that his photographs tell stories. With this desire to merge his two passions, he has won several national and international photographic awards and has published travel reports in different specialised media.