We seek to recognise the role of photojournalists in the construction of our collective memory


Segovia hosts the 25th anniversary exhibition of the Luis Valtueña Award

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Since 1997, Médicos del Mundo España has held the annual Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award, dedicated to the memory of Mercedes, Manuel, Flors and Luis, four aid workers from the NGO who were killed in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1995) and Rwanda (1997) while carrying out humanitarian aid work. Given that one of them was a professional photographer, it was decided to name the competition after him. With this award, we want to recognise the work of all those people who, like them, contribute to building a fairer world.

In this way, Médicos del Mundo is committed to documentary photography in order to bring to the public’s attention social problems that we often prefer not to see. We also seek to recognise the role of photojournalists in the construction of our collective memory and to encourage the mobilisation of citizens to put an end to the worst disease of all: injustice.

Since its inception, humanitarian photography and photojournalism have been key tools for making visible forgotten conflicts and humanitarian emergencies, denouncing injustice and bearing witness to human rights violations in all corners of the world.

The Luis Valtueña International Award of Médicos del Mundo was created a quarter of a century ago with the aim of recognising this important work and making it more visible. To celebrate, the NGO is organising the exhibition 25 years of humanitarian photography. This outdoor exhibition, an example of a living memory of our recent history, features 95 images taken by 50 photographers from all the editions of the award.

The exhibition is coming to Castilla y León thanks to funding from the Junta de Castilla y León. The first destination is Segovia. It will then continue its tour to other cities in Castilla y León, such as Soria, Burgos and Valladolid.

The exhibition will include several guided walks and a film forum on 13 April at 19h in the Palacio de Quintanar with the screening of the documentary “Gurumbé, canciones de tu memoria negra” (Gurumbé, songs from your black memory). Directed by Miguel Ángel Rosales and produced by Intermedia Producciones.

The inauguration took place on Friday 14th April 2023 at 11h
at the Paseo del Salón de Isabel II, Segovia.

It can be visited until 26 April.