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Third finalist 2017

Vadim Braydov

School for Boys with Divergent Behavior


In Russian prisons, people are jailed at 16 years. If a child has committed an offense before this age, he is sent to a special school, where the teachers try to bring him back to society. My work is devoted to such a school in the village of Serafimovka, Bashkiria, Russia.


Vadim Braydov is a young independent photojournalist based in Ufa, Russia. Born in 1987, he bought his first camera in 2009 during a concert tour of his punk band. Collaborate with, Associated Press, the ITAR-TASS agency and RIA Novosti, the Kommersant newspaper or the Hearst Shkulev Publishing. His work has also been published in NewYorkTimes (Lens), Chicago Tribune, Berlingske (DK), Svenska Dagbladet, LeMonde, Profile, Stern, etc. Vadim considers photography as a tool to explore the world.