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Finalist 2009

Paolo Marchetti

Spots of Kerala


Kerala, in South India, is the State with the highest literacy rate (98.8%) not only in the Indian Sub-continent, but also
among all nations in the developing world.Kerala had the first freely elected communist government in the world. It came to power in 1957 and continues to rule today, and thanks to its particular mix of social-democratic principles
it has had considerable success, in contrast to many other countries where communism was unable to enforce its own ideology.


Paolo Marchetti is a National Geographic “The Photo Society” fellow and an Award and Grant winning independent photographer based in Rome, Italy.

He has worked for thirteen years in the cinematographic and commercial industry, covering each role in the Camera Department.

In his photography Paolo has always paid particular attention to political and anthropological issues and has embarked upon a freelance career to focus on a combination of long-term personal projects and client assignments. He has covered stories in Brazil, Argentine, Colombia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, United States, Poland, Estonia, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Bosnia, Moldova, Holland, Italy, Central and Southern India, China, Thailand, Northern and Central Africa, etc.

His projects are regularly published in international magazines such as L’Espresso, Internazionale, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, 6MOIS, Sunday Times, British Journal of Photojournalism, The Guardian, Le Monde, Geo Germany, Geo Latvia, Geo Finland, Days Japan, Der Spiegel, Stern, Newsweek US, Newsweek Japan, CNN, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Time magazine, National Geographic US among others.

Marchetti has been prized with several international recognitions such as: ten consecutive times the “NPPA – Best of Photojournalism”, eight consecutive times the “PDN’s Award”, the “Getty Images Editorial Photography”, two times the “American Photography Annual Book”, eight times the “POY – Picture of the Year”, three of which in the prestigious category “Photographer of the Year” and in 2016 Marchetti won the first place.

He was finalist at the “Leica Oskar Barnack Award”, finalist for the “Emerging Photographer Fund – Burn Award” and the “Aftermath Project”, also he won the following recognitions: the “Sony WPO Award”, the “ANI Pix-Palace” in Perpignan, the “Leica Photographer Award”, the “SDN – Social Documentary Network”, the “Days Japan”, several times the “MIFA – Moscow International Foto Award”, several times the “Lens Culture”, the “Alexia Foundation Grant”, the “World Press Photo” and many others.

Among his main long-term projects, we find “FEVER”, actually a project on the feeling of rage and on which he has been working for five years covering five different european countries. “FEVER” has been published 34 times around the world and recognized with more than 20 prizes, including grants and awards at international level.

Marchetti is currently represented by Reportage by Getty Images and the new born Verbatim agency.