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Running-up 1999

Luis Sánchez Davilla

Disinherited of Kashmir, I, January 1998


Jammu is a region of Kashmir in the permanent conflict between Pakistan and India. It depicts a family of war refugees, uprooted from their already very poor homeland, who rush to any target in search of alms.


Luis Sánchez Davilla is from Madrid and holds a degree in Communication Sciences, image branch, from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has traveled to more than 30 countries covering international conflicts; Gulf War, Kurdistan, Bosnia, Rwanda, Sudan, Kosovo, etc. In addition to travel and social reports and interviews with personalities from the political, artistic, and cultural world. He was the chief photographer for the Spanish edition of Paris-Match. He currently works as a freelance photographer for advertising and editorial media clients: El Semanal, Geo, El Mundo Magazine, Viajar, Siete Leguas, Viajes National Geographic, Vogue, Liberation, etc.