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Running-up 1997

Fernando Moleres

Zaire’s exodus to Rwanda



Fernando Moleres was born in Bilbao in 1963 and worked as a nurse in Orduña until 1990, when he began his career as a photographer with a report on the ghettos of South Africa.

For over six years, he has been working on an extensive project in more than thirty countries around the world, on child labour.

The winning piece of work awarded the Luis Valtueña Prize, on the situation of minors in African prisons, was a personal initiative, which received financial backing from the “Revela” grant fund. He subsequently extended this piece of work to the Juba Central Prison, in Sudan.

- Mother Jones Grant, 1994. Los Angeles, USA.
- “Juan Carlos Rey de España” (King of Spain) International Prize 1995.Spain
- Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation Grant, 1996 Sweden. Finalist.
- Eugene Smith Prize, 1997. NewYork, USA.
- World Press Photo, Series: Daily life. 1998. Amsterdam.
- W. Eugene Smith Prize ( 2nd prize) 1999. New York.
- World Press Photo 2003, Series Art, Amsterdam.
- Revela Grant 2009. Children in African Prisons.
- City of Gijon Photojournalism Prize . 2nd place

- “Infancia Robada” (Stolen childhood) on child labour. Published by Acte Sud, Peliti, Braus, Lunwerg. English edition published by ILO. July 2000.
- “Vidas de devoción” (Lives of devotion) on monastic life, published by Rizzoli in English, French and Italian. Published by La Esfera under the title “Hombres de Dios” (Men of God). October 2009.